Monday, March 25, 2019

Gold Sponsors

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Elms Family Fundraiser


Last Saturday at Pickett's Reserve the club held a fundraiser for Kim & Brett Elms and their family.  The night was a huge success and we raised over $20,000. The night was attended by over 220 people and culminated in a series of major Auction items that helped us raise the amount we did.

Brett and Kim had intended to stay for half an hour or so, but enjoyed the night so much that they were amongst the last to leave. Brett addressed the room and was pretty much overwhelmed by the attendance and well wishers. He updated us all on his situation and from here on we wish him the best of luck . He mentioned that  he has a family of his own but his extended family is the footy club. He asked people to keep their kids at our club and to encourage them to stay in an environment that is safe and one that helps them develop and grow as kids.

Brett went on to say that the money raised on the night will primarily go towards medical bills but he hoped that he may be able to get away for a few days and share some real quality time with Kim & the kids. 

He stated several times that he was not worthy of the efforts that the club had put in to the night. There is one simple answer to that ….. We love you big fella and your team mates and friends wanted to help out and show they care.  

To Kim and Brett and the kids we are thinking of you and if you need anything from us at the club……JUST ASK.

I won't thank individuals in this article, but to those who helped on the day, during the night and in the lead up all i can say is a MASSIVE thanks to you all. To those that very kindly donated goods and services a HUGE thanks to you as well.


Noel White