Monday, March 25, 2019

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Presentation Day 2012

On Saturday, 25th August we held our annual Presentation Day at Pickett's Reserve and it was a massive success. Our Presentation Day is very well known as being a BIG event and this year was no exception. We started at 12 noon for the U8s and worked our way up the age groups until we reached the 17A side at 6.30.

The presentations were concluded with a very moving tribute to Ian McAleese who passed away on the 20th August and our thoughts and love are with his family.

On the night we awarded Life Membership to Darren Jacobsen who has dedicated many years to the FTG Eagles Juniors and 'Jaco" was a very fitting recipient of his Life Membership award. We also awarded the inaugural 'Sam Cavarra Coach of the Year' award and we had 3 very worthy finalists in Tim Beare, Jeremy Freeman and Michael Hearn. All 3 coaches are very much admired and respected but in the end Mick Hearn was a very popular winner of this award.

We conducted numerous raffles and auctions on the night and all contributed greatly to the coffers of the club. Throughout the afternoon our kids and players were able to entertain themselves on the rides and as usual this was a popular pastime. The BBQ and Canteen was flat out all day and it was wonderful to see so many people at the club at different times of the day.

The day culminated in a fantastic fireworks display that started slowly and got better and better. It is an amazing sight to look up into the crowd ands see so many people at our great club enjoying themselves and making the day the success it is.

Thanks must go out to all the people who helped make the day a huge success. I won't individualise but to every one who helped out with the Presentation Day Organising Committee - a massive thanks. A big thanks to everyone who manned the BBQ or canteen or anything else on the day to make the day run smoothly.

I would especially like to say thanks to the 6 dedicated people who showed up bright and early on the Sunday to help clean up the grounds and was a big job.

With more teams than ever before playing and more kids than ever registered at the club it was probably the biggest Presentation Day we have ever had.

Well done to everyone and lets hope next year is even bigger again.

Noel White
President FTG Eagles JFC