Monday, March 25, 2019

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Life Members 2011

Congratulations to our latest inductees to the Club's "Life Members" - announced at our Dinner Dance this year - John Evans and Gary Bass:




The prestigious LIFE MEMBER Award is bestowed to a member of the Ferntree Gully Eagles Junior Football Club who has contributed over and above what is expected over an extended period of at least five years. In 2010, we commenced a new tradition of announcing the recipient of this award at the Dinner Dance and this year the tradition continues. This year I am pleased to announce the recipient

of this award goes to: John Evans & Gary Bass

Firstly, a little about Gary:

Gary was a member of the General Committee before taking up a position on the Club’s Executive as Vice- President – a position which he has held for four years. Gary has been involved in many activities across the club in this time ranging from game day duties such as runner; to helping out behind the bar on Sunday nights; to M.C.íng Sunday nights; and really has been the driver of our Club’s Presentation Day (together with a team of helpers) for many years. He continues to help me, and is a strong right hand person to me, in my role – he keeps me very grounded and I appreciate his advice and counsel on many aspects around the club and beyond. Gary is not afraid to step up as required. And of course, he

is also a playing member of the Eastern Rovers Superules Team (or at least – he should be back once he recovers from the most recent football injury). Ladies and Gentlemen – I present to you Mr G. Bass.

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Secondly, a little about John:

John has been (and continues to be) a Coach, a member of the Executive, Teasurer, and a Mr Fix it man. It is difficult to understand how John juggles all of the roles whilst also maintaining a full-time job outside of football – John often

says that his job gets in the way of football duties. Not many know this, but John would be up till late doing what treasurers do each and every Sunday night, prepares the floats for each week, and actively contributes to the work of the Executive and General Committee. The club’s financial status is in such a healthy position in large part due to John’s vigour and attention to detail. John is often seen around the club for many reasons – sometimes just to have a drink with the boys. And of course, as he often reminds me, he is also our most recent Day Premiership Coach. Ladies and Gentlemen – I present to you Mr John Evans.


I’m sure you will agree – two very worthy recipients of the Life Member Award.

Three cheers to Gary and John...

Sam Cavarra - President