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The club was founded in 1972 as the Knox Opportunity Youth Club, which played in the Knox Junior Football Association (KJFA).

At the end of the 1976 season the club changed its name to the Knox Eagles and continued to play in the KJFA. The KJFA merged with the Eastern Football League in 1998 and the Eagles have participated in the EFL from then to the current day.

In the 2006 season the Knox Eagles merged with Ferntree Gully to form the Ferntree Gully Eagles. The club fields teams from Under 9s through to Under 16s.

Family Traditions

Some of the more prominent families to represent Ferntree Gully Football Club have done so for 3 generations or more.

The Picketts.

Frank Pickett was a prominent player in the 20's and Picketts Reserve on Burwood Highway is named after Frank. Joe and Greg Pickett played and filled official positions withe Club and Greg's son Peter also played.

The Campbells.

Mick Campbell played during the 20's and 5 of his sons all represented the Gully. They were Jim, Albert, Alex, Doug and Sidney. His grandsons Bob, Barry and Rex and their sons Graeme, Stephen and Adam have all carried on the family tradition. The Campbell family commemorated by the annual presentation of a trophy to the top performer in the Best and Fairest who is a local player.

The Waters'.

Grandfater Ted was Treasurer and his sons Stewart, Jack and David played throughout the 40's and 50's. Darryl, Noel, Peter, Rod, Terry, Paul and Tim have all played senior/junior footy at some stage. Paul is currently Vice President.

The Turners.

Through the 70's,80s and 90's brothers Jim, Rob and John have all been great players in good and bad times. John and Jim having won Best and Fairests in the Senior team.

The Decoites.

Jack De Coite was a Trainer and Secretary of the Club in the 20's. His son Bob, a veteran of both the Footy and Cricket Clubs, recalls running the boundary as a youngster at Picketts Reserve in 1934 while the Gully oval was undergoing drainage works. Bob's son Neil (Nails) also played.

The Sharps.

Alf and Frank and Franks boys have a connection dating back to the 50's. Brian, Colin and Robert were all good players carrying on the family name as has Brians son Matt.

Leading Goal Kickers

1974 Steve Jones EDFL 2nd Division Seniors 1976 Ron Huy EDFL 2nd Division Seniors 88 goals 1977 Ron Huy EDFL 2nd Division Seniors 90 goals


Premiership cup

Knox Opportunity Youth Club

1972 Under 13s – KJFA

1973 Under 12s – KJFA

1973 Under 14s – KJFA

1974 Under 14s – KJFA

1976 Under 12s – KJFA

Knox Eagles

1977 Under 14s – KJFA

1978 Under 14s – KJFA

1983 Under 13s – KJFA

1986 Under 12s – KJFA

1986 Under 11s – KJFA

1988 Under 12s – KJFA

1990 Under 10s – KJFA

1993 Under 12s – KJFA

1994 Under 11s – KJFA

1994 Under 13s – KJFA

1995 Under 11s – KJFA

1996 Under 12s – KJFA

1997 Under 12s – KJFA

1997 Under 13s – KJFA

1998 Under 15s – EFL

1999 Under 15s – EFL

2004 Under 15s – EFL


Ferntree Gully Eagles

2007 Under 15Bs – EFL

2008 Under 12Cs – EFL

2011 Under 12B - EFL


Lightning Premierships

Knox Eagles

1994 Under 10s – KJFA

1999 Under 10s – EFL

2000 Under 10s – EFL

2001 Under 11s – EFL


Ferntree Gully Eagles

2008 Under 11s – EFL

2011 Under 9s - EFL


Life Members





Mrs D. Morris                      

Mrs L. Doherty                                    

Mr I. Kerr                                              

Mr R. O’Connell                                   

Mr A. Stevens


Mr J. Rogers

Mr N. Reardon

Mr J. Carter


Mr R. Jackson



Mr J. Walsh

Mr P. Scott


Mrs I. Walsh

Mrs V. Scott

Mr N. Wiseman


Mr B. Tidyman

Miss H. Walsh

Mr N. Christensen

Mr A. Seymour

Mr A. Tyers


Mr L. Claringbold


Mr D. Crosthwaite


Mr M. Wood

Mrs D. Crosthwaite


Mrs S. Wood

Mr K. Godfrey


Mr K. Collins

Mr G. Green


Mr K. Corn

Mrs B. Crivera


Mr G. Sayers

Mr P. Gale


Mr J. West
Mrs S. West


Mr K. Wise

Mr J. Spelling


Mr N. Jones


Mr R. Dunlop


Mr I. Onslow


Mrs D. Collard


Mr R. Stewart

Mr J. Farrelly

Mr P. Thorpe


Mr R. Abley


Mr G. Cox

Mrs B. Cox

Mr G. Ryan


Mr B. Dunstone


Mr J. Halliday


Mr E. Carrington


Mr S. Cavarra

Mrs S. Nied


Mr G. Bass

Mr J. Evans